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RSIs, Christina Abbott and Utter Command

I get a lot of questions about why I started using speech recognition and how Utter Command came about. The gory details of my experience with RSIs are here: Greetings from planet RSI: what it’s like to have hands that hurt all the time.

I attribute my recovery from Repetitive Strain Injuries to four main factors: massage therapy and stretching (getting the knots out of my muscles), Alexander Therapy and Tai Chi (body awareness and efficiency of movement), keeping hydrated (creating a better environment for muscles and tendons), and staying away from the keyboard and mouse (avoiding major strain-producing activities). There are more details here: Advice from planet RSI: how to get better

The massage therapist who contributed greatly to my recovery is Christina Abbott. She’s an excellent neuromuscular therapist. She thinks and reads a lot about muscles and pain, makes great connections, and explains well. She’s started putting the information she’s discovered, gathered and thought about in a blog. It’s great stuff. Christina’s Pain Therapy Blog

Utter Command came about because I needed to use a computer hands-free without being tempted to cheat.