Tip: Speedy Attaching with the Message Paste command

Say you’re in Windows Explorer or an Open dialog box where the files you want to add to a future e-mail message reside. You could open up your e-mail program and use the attach utility to attach files, or, since you’re already right there with the files, you could speed things up this way:

To attach files to a new e-mail message starting from Windows Explorer or an open dialog box:

  1. select the files you want to attach, by saying, for instance “3 Downs” (see UC Lesson 5.5 for instructions on selecting noncontiguous files by speech)
  2. say “This Copy”
  3. say “Thunderbird Message Paste” (or Outlook, Express or Eudora, depending on the e-mail you use)

And there you have it, a new e-mail message with files attached.

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