Dealing with the Office 2007 ribbon

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about Microsoft Office 2007 versus Microsoft Office 2003.

My stock answer is I prefer the 2003 drop-down menus to the 2007 ribbon. It’s funny, at the same time as Office made the switch from drop-down menus to the more Web-like ribbon, the Web application Google Documents made the opposite move — changing from a tab-based interface to drop-down menus. Out of the box, 2007 is less efficient — it takes up more screen space and requires more steps than 2003.

Having said that, the 2007 interface is also very configurable. You can put any drop-down menu or menu item on the Quick Access Toolbar that runs across the very top of the screen. And you can hide the ribbon. If you take the time to put the items you use most on the Quick Access Toolbar, you can make Office 2007 much more accessible.

For details on setting things up and using Microsoft Office 2007 with Utter Command, see UCExchange: UCandOffice2007 .

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