Tip: Rudolf Noe’s Customize Your Web

Rudolf Noe, creator of the Mouseless Browsing add-on, is beta testing a new add-on that gives nonprogrammers extensive control of the Web.Noe’s Customize Your Web Firefox add-on allows you to specify that certain things happen every time a given webpage comes up. You can control where the focus is, click a button automatically, change how webpage elements look, and even change how they’re arranged on the page. Customize Your Web also contains a macro facility that allows you to attach keystrokes to elements on a given webpage. The key thing about the extension is it provides extensive control without having to program.Two of the simplest abilities — controlling where the focus is and clicking buttons, are fairly easy to implement. The focus ability lets you, for instance, open the Google Documents Site with the focus in the search bar. The click ability allows you to automatically login to any site.

To set up a focus change or button click on a webpage you go to that webpage, click the tiny Configure Your Web button in the bottom right corner of the screen right above the toolbar, click the element you want to affect, choose an action, then save what you have done.

You can name a Mouse Touch to click the Customize your Web button (see UC Lesson 10.24).

With just a little more effort you can specify keystrokes to do things like going down one search result, or click “Previous” or “Next” at the bottom of a search page.

If you assign the up and down arrows to go up and down by search result in a Google search, and Enter to click a selected result, you can then use the Utter Command speech command “3 Down · Enter”, for instance, to open the third search result down.

Noe’s video shows you how to use the extension in detail.

Also see UC Exchange page UCandFirefox.

Have you found Firefox or Thunderbird add-ons that make things easier when you’re using speech? Tell me about them – reply here or let me know at info@ this website address.

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